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Hmmm….  I got sidetracked from posting for a few days there.  Here’s the quick wrap-up:

  • Day-job:  Busy, busy, busy.  Nothing of interest there, move along now :-)
  • Writing:  Starting on the first book in my new series, Sisterhood of the Flame.  The book’s title is probably going to change, so I’m not going to post it too widely now, but it’s fun, fluffy, and involves magic wishes, so who can complain?
  • Home:  Cats are insane, as squirrels outside our windows attempt to bury acorns right next to the house.  Weather is insane as “autumn” now apparently means 80 degrees.  Schedule is insane as fall arts kick in – we attended a great performance by the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra (a great version of Mozart’s 29th, a stunning version of Tchaikovsky’s 6th, and a boring-to-tears-almost-made-us-leave version of some John Adams piece for which I’m blanking the name.)

And just to put a little something into this nearly content-free post…

When I attended Book Expo America in June, I completed an interview for Harlequin’s Author Spotlight series of podcasts.   If you click here, the podcast will automatically launch.  If you want to download it for free, you can go to iTunes and search for Harlequin.  (No, iTunes won’t let me link directly to the podcast.  Yes, I’m grumpy about that.)

So, that’s life in Klaskyville.  I’ve been skimming friends’ pages, but I’m sure I missed some important stuff.  Anyone care to fill me in?

Mindy, clawing back to the surface


  1. I’ll soon not be subbing anymore. I’ll be so happy, once the holidays are over and the oldest and grandbaby leave, to have my days as my own. I’m working for two small presses as an editor (since they’re small, neither pay much, but that should change with time, especially as I transition from the two to just one as its senior editor).

    Books still in progress. And I’m 3 chapters behind on revisions. *sighs* Some days I think A.C. will never be done. 18-19 years one the sucker is more than enough time…well, okay, so 10 years of that I did pretty much nothing because I didn’t think I could write.

    New small press: Lilley Press. Yep, that’s me listed as the senior copy editor. Go, me.

    • Yes, go, you! Congrats on the position – and on moving forward with A.C. Just think, when you finish it, it’ll be time to start the next one ::wicked grin::

      • *cough*

        Not only are books 2 and 3 of the same series as A.C. started, but so is another book in a separate series in the same world. I have to strip back books 2 and 3 to a point, but Phoenix seems to be moving nicely. :)

        And, on the back burner? At least 3 other books, 2 that start new series, all in different worlds than the above.

        I’m so insane.

  2. You were missed at Capclave…

    • Sweet of you to say! I actually stopped in for – literally – fifteen minutes. I was meeting Maria Snyder for lunch, so I signed books for Larry Smith and said hello to the handful of folks in the dealer’s room at that moment. The drive-by reminded me, though, of how much I would have enjoyed the con if I’d been able to shoehorn it into everything else going on. Next year…

  3. Very cool that you saw the Cleveland Orchestra! My hometown orchestra, and one of the finest in the land. Looking forward to your new series–sounds interesting! :-)

    • Many thanks! I’m having fun with it so far! (And Cleveland is definitely one of the finest – it’s a joy to hear their strings!)

  4. I saw “Sorcery and the Single Girl” out on the “New Releases” table at Barnes and Noble! And somebody picked it up, read the back, and took it with them!

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