Monday?! Already!?

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So, on Friday, I did that headshot thing.  Lots and lots to talk about regarding the process and the results, but I’ll wait till I have final pics to share with you.

I spent all day Saturday in the company of romance writers.  I headed up to Bethesda way-too-early on a Saturday morning and met up with a couple dozen people for the Washington Romance Writers monthly meeting.  Leigh Duncan was telling us about her journey to become a writer, then about how she organizes her books.  After lunch (a highly spirited discussion of the relative merits of traditional publishing, self-publishing, and small press, all conducted over Chipotle burrito bols!), we headed back for an afternoon of Leigh discussing different ways of looking at plot — Hero’s Journey, Hauge screenwriting, etc.  She used one of her novels as an example.

I wasn’t a perfect student, alas.  I spent part of the afternoon catching up with another student who was playing hooky (name not divulged, to protect the guilty).  I had a lot of fun catching up with friends, and it was great to share progress notes on Diamond Brides.

Saturday evening, I attended my first Lady Jane’s Salon — a monthly reading series where romance readers share their work.  There were two spicy readings (one rather sweet-in-sentiment, one very funny — both read with the door to our meeting room in La Madeleine closed!), a historical/mystery/romance that inspired the greatest number of questions from the audience, and one fun contemporary.  All in all, a fun way to spent an evening.

Sunday evaporated, as Sundays are wont to do — some reading, some household organizing, some I-don’t-know-what-but-now-it’s-time-to-get-ready-for-the-work-week.

And now, it’s the work week.  And I really need to get a lot of writing done today. So, without further ado…


  1. Your weekend sounds amazingly similar to mine :-)

  2. ::grin::

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