Meanwhile, In the Back Room…

(The back room of La Madeleine, that is!)

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be reading at Lady Jane’s Salon again!  Here are the details:

May 10, 2014Lady Jane’s Salon, La Madeleine, 7607 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  Mindy will read from and sign Perfect Pitch at a group reading that includes Catherine Asaro, Nicky Penttila, and Lynne Silver.  (Attendees are asked to make a $5.00 donation to a literacy charity, or to bring a gently used romance novel for donation to the charity.)

I’ll be reading from REACHING FIRST — a book so new you haven’t even heard me babble about it here yet!

If you’re in the DC area, this is a *great* chance to enjoy a “ladies’ night out” with friends — it’s inexpensive, a ton of fun, and there are often lots of chances to win free books!  (It’s not exclusive to people of the female persuasion, but the vast majority of attendees are women.)

I’d love to see you there!

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Compare and Contrast

It’s no secret that life has been crazy around here — what with three books coming out in four weeks, with six more on the way…  But regular life doesn’t stop in Klaskyville — not for any number of books coming out in any number of weeks.  This past weekend was the perfect example of the “compare and contrast” that makes up my life these days.

Friday:  After a long, hard day of editing SECOND THOUGHTS, I headed down to Nationals Park.  I didn’t plan particularly well — I let myself be fooled by the sunshine streaming in my window.  By the time I got to the park, there was enough of a breeze that I suspected my sweatshirt wouldn’t be sufficient by the end of the game.  Fortunately, I (the world’s coldest-blooded person) am married to Mark (the world’s hottest-blooded person), and he had the jacket he’d worn to work early that morning.  I wore his jacket (and a scarf, and mittens — I didn’t need my earmuffs), and I watched the Nats beat the Cardinals in an unlikely win.  Go, Nats!


Saturday:  I attended Henry IV, Part 2 at the Shakespeare Theatre.  While the reviewer in the Washington Post thought she’d never seen anything funnier than the bumbling country squires, Shallow and Silence, I contemplated plucking out my eyes for those scenes (yes, out, vile jelly and all that).  This play is a weak one — not much happens and what *does* happen is mostly illness, decay, and death.  I would have preferred for them to combine the two parts, dropping most of the tavern scenes and all of the Shallow/Silence scenes.  We had a nice dinner with friends after the play, though, and on our way back to our car, we passed by the Stage Door to the theater and ran into the man who played the Lord Chief Justice — a bright star in an otherwise dull constellation.  It was nice to be able to compliment his work.

Sunday:  I headed down to AwesomeCon for two panels.  I’d been dreading the one on manuscript preparation (an hour for that, really?) and looking forward to the one on YA (cool authors, some of whom are friends.)  The YA panel ended up being okay, but the manuscript prep one was *wonderful*.  My co-panelist, Tanya Spackman, had great concrete information, and I shared more abstract ideas.  I think we made a great team, and I’ve heard from several of the people in the audience that they found it useful.

Monday:  I finished editing SECOND THOUGHTS (yay, yay, yay!), and I headed back downtown for another ball game — this one against the Angels.  It was “Dollar Dog” night at the game — all hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn on sale for a buck — and we sat in our usual seats (we’ve been in others for the other two games, because my schedule made us trade tickets).  It was nice to see some of the “regulars” around us, and the game was exciting until the last at-bat.  (Yeah, the Nats lost, but it was unreasonable to think they’d win *every* game we attend!)

So, one novel edited, two baseball games, a play, and a media convention (with some knitting and reading for fun in there as well, along with a bit of TV — MAD MEN, anyone?)  Sounds about par for the course.  What are the greatest swings in your own interests, the most unlikely combination of hobbies/activities that keep you busy?

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Collateral Damage, Er, Goods

I’m over at Magical Words today, wrapping up a month of weekly posts by talking about “collateral goods” — the T-shirts, mugs, etc. that I created to celebrate the (imaginary) Raleigh Rockets baseball team in the Diamond Brides Series.  Stop by, read the post, comment, etc!


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Past posts about the Diamond Brides Series include:

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A Most Wonderful Discovery

When I was a kid, I read constantly — on the family room couch, in bed before (and after) lights out, in the car on trips of any length whatsoever.  My brother got carsick.  My mother couldn’t read in cars (but didn’t otherwise get carsick).  I couldn’t begin to understand what was wrong with them.

Flash forward mumble-mumble years.  When I used to commute downtown to work (which I haven’t done in the six years since I started writing full-time), I almost always stood in the full subway cars, reading a book and enjoying the uninterrupted book time.  I had my preferred reading spots, of course, and I sometimes chose books based on their dimensions and weight, but I got a lot of reading done on the subway.

About five years ago, there was a horrible crash on the subway and some people died.  The investigating authorities concluded that the crash was caused by an automatic braking system that didn’t, and all trains were immediately set to run on driver-applied braking.  To this day, the hand-braking continues.

The vast majority of drivers are *terrible* at controlled braking — they accelerate and decelerate multiple times, and they frequently jerk in an out of stations.  For the past few years, I haven’t been able to read a word on a subway train (including the ads in the trains — just studying them makes me ill).  Sometimes, I become nauseated just sitting there, with my eyes closed, and it’s not unusual for me to exit a subway station and take half an hour or longer before I feel tummy-steady again (an annoyance because most of the time that I take the subway, I’m going to meet someone for a meal!)

A few weeks ago, I had a particularly rough ride home.  Mark was with me, and he was a champion as I sobbed out my frustration and misery.

And the next day, I decided things had to change.  I won’t take drugs — they’d take too long to take effect and they’d linger too long after an at-most 30-minute ride.

But I remembered those anti-nausea bracelets many of my friends wore when they were pregnant.  I stopped at CVS and bought a pair. (They’re elastic bands with plastic buttons sewn in; they work by holding the button against an acupressure point in the wearer’s wrist, where the point triggers an anti-nausea … reaction.)

And reader, I was converted.

I slipped the bands on for my next ride downtown, and I took out my book, and I read.  I could feel the train lurching and swaying.  I could feel the motions that would have left me miserable just a day before.  But I could read without any problem at all.

I’ve now worn the bands half a dozen times.  Once, on a very long, very rough ride, I had to stop reading.  But the overall improvement has been astonishing.  I’m buying extra pairs to keep around so that I’m never without them.  I am converted.

(And, as a bonus extra, I’m reading a bit more!)


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Pics of Hot Men (and More!)

I’m not a big believer in “Man Candy Monday” and “Friday Man Wars” and the like – I understand what they’re doing on a sociological basis, as women take back their sexuality and proclaim that they can be sexual creatures before anyone can shame them for such and all that academic stuff, but it’s just not me, to post lots of pics of naked and near-naked guys.

That said, I *had* to looks at lots of pics of naked and near-naked guys to evaluate the covers for the Diamond Brides Series.  In fact, designing cover art was a major challenge for the nine-book series — and I’ve written about it at the Romance at Random blog today:

I’ve also drawn on my deep, dark past as a trademark lawyer to write another blog post — about trademarks, Major League Baseball, and how the Raleigh Rockets came to be.  You can read all that over at Nancy C. Weeks’ blog:

And, finally, I chatted about CATCHING HELL over at Book View Cafe (disclosing the not-so-secret truth that Zachary Ormond is my favorite of the Diamond Brides heroes… so far…)  You can read why here:

So, stop by, see what I have to say, make comments of your own…  You know the drill!


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Past posts about the Diamond Brides Series include:

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