Mindy Klasky’s novels range from light paranormal romance to traditional fantasy to category romance.


In Mindy’s light paranormal novels, everyday women encounter supernatural creatures.  From witches to vampires to genies, who knows what will go bump in the night?


Jane Quartet

In the Jane Madison Series, a librarian finds out she’s a witch.  Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft  [Buy now!] begins the series, introducing Jane to her magical abilities – as well as to her warder, her familiar, and the love of her life. The story continues in Sorcery and the Single Girl  [Buy now!] when Jane is invited to join her exclusive local Coven.  In Magic and the Modern Girl,  [Buy now!] when Jane discovers the consequences of letting her powers lie fallow for too long.  All three volumes are combined in The Jane Madison Series, Volumes 1-3 [Buy now!].


Single Witch's Survival Guide by Mindy Klasky

In the Jane Madison Academy Series, plucky librarian-witch Jane Madison creates a school for witches.  Single Witch’s Survival Guide [Buy now!] launches the series, as Jane must complete a Major Working with her new students — or risk losing her school, her collection of magical materials, and her boyfriend.

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Fright Court [Buy now!] introduces Sarah Anderson, an ordinary woman who gets her dream job — as clerk of court for the District of Columbia Night Court — only to discover that after-hour legal matters involve vampires and other supernatural creatures!


Capitol Magic by Mindy Klasky

 In Capitol Magic [Buy now!], Jane Madison and Sarah Anderson join forces to protect a rare collection of books from a supernatural threat.

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Wish Quartet

The As You Wish Series shows what goes wrong when a magic lamp, a wish-granting genie, and backstage life in the theater all collide.  Act One, Wish One [Buy now!] (previously released as How Not to Make a Wish, formerly titled There’s the Rub) introduces Kira Franklin, a stage manager whose wish is to find true love while working on a production of Romeo and Juliet.  Wishing in the Wings [Buy now!] (previously released as When Good Wishes Go Bad) shifts to Becca Morris who gets the lamp — and the opportunity to  make a difference with a brilliant new play (and its playwright!).  Wish Upon a Star [Buy now!] (previously released as To Wish or Not to Wish) brings the lamp to Erin Hollister, an actress who struggles to land the musical theater role — and the man — of her dreams.  All three volumes are combined in The As You Wish Series, Volumes 1-3 [Buy now!].

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Mindy’s traditional fantasy novels are set in far-away lands during times long ago.

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The Glasswrights Series consists of The Glasswrights’ Apprentice [Buy now!], The Glasswrights’ Progress [Buy now!], The Glasswrights’ Journeyman [Buy now!], The Glasswrights’ Test [Buy now!], and The Glasswrights’ Master [Buy now!].  The novels tell the story of Rani Trader, a merchant girl who witnesses an assassination and is accused of being the killer.  Even after she brings the true murderer to justice, she struggles to find her place in her highly caste-bound, religious society.  Along the way, she finds close friends, false loves, and one true romance.

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Season of Sacrifice Ebook Cover

In Season of Sacrifice [Buy now!], hapless twins, Reade and Maida, are kidnapped from their fishing village so they can play a dangerous part in a religious ritual.  Priestess Alana Woodsinger attempts to rescue them are hampered by her inexperience and the twins’ reluctance to be saved.

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Mindy’s romance novels provide a hot escape from day-to-day life!

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The Diamond Brides Series tracks the super-hot romances of women who love the players on the imaginary Raleigh Rockets professional baseball team.

  • In Perfect Pitch [Buy now!], beauty queen Samantha Winger is ready to launch a music program for kids—until pitcher D.J. Thomas throws her a wild pitch, a very public kiss she can’t begin to forget.
  • In Catching Hell [Buy now!], team owner Anna Benson has to convince catcher Zach Ormond to let her trade him, just when she’d rather hold onto him—on her team and in her bed—forever.
  • In Reaching First [Buy now!], hotheaded Tyler Brock is desperate to keep anyone from finding out he can’t read, even uptight Emily Brock who is supervising Tyler’s court-ordered community service.
  • The first three volumes of the Diamond Brides Series are combined in Triple Play I [Buy now!].


  • In Second Thoughts [Buy now!], career-driven second baseman Nick Durban discovers that he is the father of photographer Jamie Martin’s six-year-old daughter, but Jamie can’t trust the ex-fiancé who walked out on her years before.
  • In Third Degree [Buy now!], chef Ashley Harris and third baseman Josh Cantor are competing in a cooking reality show, where the flames in the bedroom are roaring even higher than the ones in the kitchen.
  • In Stopping Short [Buy now!], bad-boy shortstop Drew Marshall will be cut by the team unless spin doctor Jessica Barnes manages to save his career — a tall order after a well-intentioned teammate announces Drew and Jessica are engaged.
  • The middle three volumes of the Diamond Brides Series are combined in Triple Play II [Buy now!].


  • In From Left Field [Buy now!], left fielder Adam Sartain and animal shelter activist Haley Thurman are next door neighbors and good friends — but  sparks start to fly when they must compete to buy the old Reeves Farm.
  • In Center Stage [Buy now!], twice-jilted actress Lindsey Ormond has decided to stop following the rules and center fielder Ryan Green is happy to show her the fun she’s been missing — until their relationship puts his career on the line.
  • Always Right (in stores November 4, 2014)



Mindy’s Harlequin Special Editions are spicy category romances, with plenty of real-life details to keep the stories real. In The Daddy Dance [Buy now!] Kat Morehouse is a convalescing ballerina who returns to her boring hometown, only to find that things are a bit more interesting with Rye Harmon around.   The Mogul’s Maybe Marriage [Buy now!] is the story of brilliant physician Ethan Hartwell, a man who is keeping a secret — even from Sloane Davenport, the woman who is pregnant with his child.


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