Fright Court Series

Fright Court [Buy now!] introduces Sarah Anderson, an ordinary woman who gets her dream job — as clerk of court for the District of Columbia Night Court — only to discover that after-hour legal matters involve vampires and other supernatural creatures! The series continues in Law and Murder [Buy now!] when Sarah must learn to manage her own magical powers — or die trying.


Magic Times Two [Buy now!] is a unique duo of humorous paranormal romances.  This two-book special contains the complete text of Mindy’s Fright Court, along with the complete text of award-winning author Deborah Blake’s Witch Ever Way You Can.  Two books for the price of one!


Capitol Magic by Mindy Klasky

 In Capitol Magic [Buy now!], Sarah Anderson and Jane Madison (from the Jane Madison Series) join forces to protect a rare collection of books from a supernatural threat.