Fright Court [Buy now!] was originally published as a reader-supported, serialized novel.  The following people made generous donations to support that project:

Anonymous (5), Shannon Ardle, Stacy Atkins, Barbara Burnham, Stevie Carroll, Christopher Croughton, Nicolas Dahlin, Maria Desmond, Stephanie Dray, Scott Drummond, Jessica Frank, M.J. Edelstein, Jessica Goeller, Kathy Goldstein, Alea Henle, Mia Jones, Gail Keith, Heather Kinn, Arleen and Shel Klasky, Riva Laughlin, Micki Lannan, Melissa Markham, Lynn Masterson, Allyson Meyer, Christine Miller, Molly, Beth Morosin, Jill Norton, Susan Pateros, Steph Sanders, Terry Santeros, Christy Smith, Toby Stephens, Laura Taylor, Chris Thomson, Katie Turner, John Walters, Monica Welham, and Jordan Yates.