Jane Madison Series

Jane Madison Series, Volumes 1-3In the Jane Madison Series, a librarian finds out she’s a witch.  Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft  [Buy now!] begins the series, introducing Jane to her magical abilities – as well as to her warder, her familiar, and the love of her life. The story continues in Sorcery and the Single Girl  [Buy now!] when Jane is invited to join her exclusive local Coven.  In Magic and the Modern Girl,  [Buy now!] when Jane discovers the consequences of letting her powers lie fallow for too long.  The first three volumes of the Jane Madison Series are combined in The Jane Madison Series, Volumes 1-3 [Buy now!] These three books were reissued in Author’s Preferred Editions in August 2015. (An explanation of Author’s Preferred Edition is here.)


Jane 4 and 5

The series continues when Jane Madison creates a school for witches. In Single Witch’s Survival Guide [Buy now!] Jane must complete a Major Working with her new students — or risk losing her school, her collection of magical materials, and her boyfriend. The stakes are even steeper in Joy of Witchcraft [Buy now!], when Jane realizes one of her students is actually a traitor, determined to destroy the Academy.

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Capitol Magic by Mindy Klasky

In Capitol Magic, a Novella [Buy now!], Jane Madison joins forces with Sarah Anderson of Fright Court [Buy now!] to protect a rare collection of books from a supernatural threat.