Ancient History (Podcast With, Um, Me)

Centuries ago (or, maybe, several months back — the days all run together…), a writer friend of mine asked me if I’d be willing to meet with an up and coming fantasy novelist from Australia, when we both attended the World Fantasy Convention.  “Sure!” I said, because I’m always happy to meet new people.

I was then introduced to Emily Craven, a woman who expends more energy before breakfast than I do in an entire month.

Emily and I exchanged several emails, and we set our plans for meeting up in Toronto.  Then, Emily asked if she could interview me for a podcast series that she conducts.  We both fiddled with Skype, concluding that audio-only was absolutely the way to go, and Emily asked me some fun questions.

Time went by, and we met up at World Fantasy.  More time went by, and Emily sent me a link to the podcast.  More more time went by, and I finally am getting around to sharing the podcast link with you:

Yeah.  I’ve been a bit behind on housekeeping of the electronic variety.  In any case, go read Emily’s introduction, and then laugh at how funny my voice sounds in the podcast!  Seriously.  It’s the least I can do to brighten your February day!


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The Hills Are Alive…

OK, not with the sound of music.  But with the sound of my voice.  Talking about how I became published.  Reading from the first volume of the As You Wish Series, HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH.

Last fall, I spoke at the District of Columbia Public Library, and the podcast has just become available.  The event was in an … interesting space, on a corner of the glass-walled building.  If you take a look, you’ll see that I seem to be standing in traffic, as all sorts of city folks walk and drive behind me…

I speak for about twenty minutes about how I became a published author, and then I read for about another twenty minutes.  Take a look/listen!

Mindy, who feels like she’s time traveling, when she gets delayed podcasts like this!

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B&N Podcast

Several weeks ago, I was interviewed for Barnes & Noble’s Meet the Writers podcast series.  I eagerly awaited the posting of the podcast, so that I could share it with all of you, and so that I could confirm just how totally dorky my voice sounds in recording.

Alas, B&N revamped their Meet the Writers page, and my podcast was lost, and then it was found again (for one very short afternoon), and then it was lost all over again.

Finally, however, it seems to be up in a somewhat permanent form:

And now you, too, can hear how totally dorky my voice sounds in recording!

Mindy, posting on the fly

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Remember Me?

Hmmm….  I got sidetracked from posting for a few days there.  Here’s the quick wrap-up:

  • Day-job:  Busy, busy, busy.  Nothing of interest there, move along now :-)
  • Writing:  Starting on the first book in my new series, Sisterhood of the Flame.  The book’s title is probably going to change, so I’m not going to post it too widely now, but it’s fun, fluffy, and involves magic wishes, so who can complain?
  • Home:  Cats are insane, as squirrels outside our windows attempt to bury acorns right next to the house.  Weather is insane as “autumn” now apparently means 80 degrees.  Schedule is insane as fall arts kick in – we attended a great performance by the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra (a great version of Mozart’s 29th, a stunning version of Tchaikovsky’s 6th, and a boring-to-tears-almost-made-us-leave version of some John Adams piece for which I’m blanking the name.)

And just to put a little something into this nearly content-free post…

When I attended Book Expo America in June, I completed an interview for Harlequin’s Author Spotlight series of podcasts.   If you click here, the podcast will automatically launch.  If you want to download it for free, you can go to iTunes and search for Harlequin.  (No, iTunes won’t let me link directly to the podcast.  Yes, I’m grumpy about that.)

So, that’s life in Klaskyville.  I’ve been skimming friends’ pages, but I’m sure I missed some important stuff.  Anyone care to fill me in?

Mindy, clawing back to the surface

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