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Welcome to the website of Mindy Klasky, USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen romance and fantasy novels!  Look around, read some blog posts, and click on other pages for information about Mindy and her books. Mindy updates her blog every few days — but she posts much more regularly on Facebook and Twitter. She’d love for you to join in the conversation, so don’t be shy!

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Announcing: A New Website

And, slipping and sliding, I arrive in the year 2010, as far as web design is concerned!

I have now updated my website – http://www.mindyklasky.com

And to celebrate, I’ve posted the first chapter of TO WISH OR NOT TO WISH, you know, the book that will be in stores in a mere five weeks!  You can read it here:


If you are reading this on LiveJournal or Facebook, click through and see how things look!  You’ll note that the entire blog, dating back to my original launch in December 2007, is recreated on the new site, along with all of the comments that I received on LiveJournal.  You can make new comments to this post wherever you’re reading it — on the website, on LiveJournal, or on Facebook.

Keep me posted about problems that you find — I suspect there are a few rough edges I still need to sand down.

Mindy, inordinately pleased with herself (and grateful for the assistance of others, such as Jim Hines and the great staff at sff.net, who helped to make this happen.

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