Early New Year’s Resolution – Enter a Contest?

Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions, and a lot of those plans involve writing.  If your resolution includes taking your writing to the next level or being recognized for the great work you’re already doing, then I have an idea for you!

Enter the Marlene contest, run by the Washington Romance Writers!

Here’s everything you need to know:

Contest Opens December 15, 2014

Discounted entry fee until January 1, 2015: $20 for WRW members/$25 for non-WRW members.

Emotion, tension, drama. Does your book have what it takes to be the next bestselling romance?

The Marlene Awards is a contest for unpublished manuscripts sponsored by the Washington Romance Writers chapter of Romance Writers of America. Every entry is evaluated by at least three judges. Finalists are ranked by publishing professionals. The grand prize winner in each category receives a detailed critique from a published author. This year’s list of judges and prize critiquers is as follows.

Series Contemporary

Final Round Judge: Johanna Raisanen, Harlequin

Critique Author: Robin Covington

Coordinator: Avery Flynn

Single Title

Final Round Judge: Esi Sogah, Kensington

Critique Author: Kimberly Kincaid

Coordinator: Kimberly Kincaid


Final Round Judge: Latoya Smith, Samhain Publishing

Critique Author: Sara Humphreys

Coordinator: Carlene Love Flores


Final Round Judge: Lauren Plude, Grand Central Publishing

Critique Author: Jennifer McQuiston

Coordinaor: Kathy Altman

Romantic Elements

Final Round Judge: Rhonda Helms, Carina Press

Critique Author: Tracy Brogan

Kerri Carpenter

Young Adult

Judge: Wendy Loggia, Delacorte Press, Random House

Critique Author: Jana Oliver

Coordinator: Meredith Bond

Erotic Romance


Final Round Judge: Rhonda Helms, Carina Press


Critique Author: Lavinia Kent


Coordinator: Jacqueline Graf




You can find out more and enter here: http://wrwdc.com/marlene-contest-2/entry-rules-and-submission-link/



Questions? Please contact me.


Robin Covington: wrwmarlene.contest@gmail.com


Contest Coordinator.



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Making that Connection

Every once in a while, an author is lucky enough to make a real connection with a reader.  A lot of the time, alas, even when the author *makes* that connection, she doesn’t know about it.  But every once in a while, a reader takes the time to write out her response…

Single Witch's Survival Guide by Mindy Klasky

Sherwood Smith posted her response to SINGLE WITCH over on the Book View Cafe blog.  She writes about Jane Madison, and about my librarian-witch’s school for witches.  But she also writes about real women in our real world, and about writing that connects, and, and, and…



You won’t regret the time you spend reading Sherwood’s words!

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When the Real and the Read-able Collide

I’m over at Magical Words today, talking about how authors sometimes take the real and twist it around so that novels are readable.  Stop by and let me know what you think about the topic!


Magical Words is a website by writers for writers (and readers who want a behind-the-scenes peak at the process of writing.)  Regular posters include David B. Coe, John G. Hartness, Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, and Kalayna Price, with regular guest posts from Lucienne Diver, Diana Pharaoh Francis, C.E. Murphy, and Carrie Ryan.  Stop by and let me know what you think about characters’ names, in my work or elsewhere!

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