Klasky's writing is top-notch, her pacing swift and sure. - USA TODAY

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Law and Murder, the long-awaited sequel to Mindy's Fright Court is now available for pre-order! Plus you can buy two full-length novels for the price of one in Magic Times Two! And if you're a writer, check out her latest non-fiction book, The Rational Writer: A to Z.

Law and Murder

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The Rational Writer: A to Z

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When I was a camp counselor, the word “announcements” was an invitation to the campers to start...

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Z is for Zephyr

Z is for Zephyr. Zephyr is the west wind, a light wind, one that has traditionally been considered the most mild...

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CV of Failures

Last week, I read about Johannes Haushofer’s “CV of Failures.” Haushofer is an assistant...

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