The F Word by Mindy Klasky (Large version of the cover)

Finalist – 2021 Best Banter Award

The F Word

Romantic Comedy

The F Word is a finalist for the 2021 Best Banter Award administered by the Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America!

When a holiday romance, falling for your boss, and a reality TV show aren’t enough of a challenge—just add a pandemic!

Personal assistant Jen Parker is eager to start her new job on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, supporting Noah “The Casanova Cook” Ryder, a temperamental chef who is judging a blockbuster television cooking show. But Jen, a widow, has a secret mission at the beach—a personal, emotional goal she must accomplish by Christmas Eve.

Noah is famous for seducing a starlet every new season. But with Home Cook America filming during a coronavirus quarantine, the Restaurant Romeo is off his game. The stress of lockdown—not to mention his own long-held secret—has Noah struggling to launch his make-it-or-break-it newest restaurant. And that’s before his longtime business partner turns into his worst frenemy (or is that just a plain enemy?)

Soon, Jen and Noah’s budding attraction is tested by vegan Thanksgiving, the world’s ugliest charm bracelet, and a possessed elevator. Every passing day—and night—ups the ante on their secret pasts. But if this culinary couple can’t stand the heat, there’s no way out of their COVID-locked-down kitchen!

If you fell hard for the feel-good rom-coms of Emily Henry, Christina Lauren, and Tessa Bailey, then grab a seat, because The F Word is the perfect romantic comedy escape for you.

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Mindy Klasky

Mindy learned to read when her parents shoved a book in her hands and told her she could travel anywhere through stories. As a writer, Mindy has traveled through various genres, including cozy paranormal, hot contemporary romance, and traditional fantasy. In her spare time, Mindy knits, quilts, and tries to tame her to-be-read shelf.

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Romantic Comedy

In Mindy’s romantic comedy novels, everyday women find true love, guaranteeing you a laugh along the way! The Love in the Age of Covid Series proves that true love can be found anytime, even in the midst of a pandemic. Many of Mindy’s rom-com romps take place in the Magical Washington Universe, including the Washington Witches Series, the Washington Vampires Series, the Washington Medical: Vampire Ward Series, and the Washington Warders Series. Plus, there’s the As You Wish series, about a genie who helps women who work in the theater!

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“Harmony Lights” in Stores Today!

“Harmony Lights” in Stores Today!

A few days ago, I bought a greeting card at my favorite independent bookstore. It has the words Merry Christmas, written in red and green and crossed out. Then it has the words Happy Hanukkah written in blue and crossed out. Then it has the words Happy Holidays...

Finalist—Best Banter Award!

Finalist—Best Banter Award!

The F Word is a finalist—twice over!—in the Best Banter Contest, sponsored by the Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America. What does twice over mean? It means that two different scenes in the book became finalists in the contest! (The F Word was entered in the...

The Number is 43

The Number is 43

Or maybe 42. (I know. I know. That's always supposed to be the answer.) Or maybe 47. Or even 53. It all depends on how you count.  Today is the book birthday for my 43rd book, The F Word. Except I've only published 42 books, if you don't count novellas. I've published...


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In Mindy’s contemporary romance novels, every hero and heroine finds a Happy Ever After. From the Diamond Brides Series — featuring sexy players on the Raleigh Rockets baseball team — to Mindy’s True Love Classics, these romance novels are filled with sweet emotion and hot action. 

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In Mindy’s traditional fantasy novels, brave young women challenge the conventions of their societies, fighting secular and religious authorities to bring justice and peace to those in need. The Keara’s Raven Series is written for middle-grade readers but can be enjoyed by adults as well. The Lost Guild Series and Season of Sacrifice (a stand-alone novel) are intended for adults.

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Stand-Alone Fantasy


Mindy has a number of books that don’t fit into traditional categories. She has edited two anthologies of short fiction. She has two non-fiction books about writing. And she’s written short stories and essays that are collected in volumes with other authors’ works.

The Woman Who Lied by Mindy Klasky

Psychological Thriller



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