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More information about SEASON OF SACRIFICE!

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For the first time in several years, SEASON OF SACRIFICE is available for sale.

SEASON OF SACRIFICE is a stand-alone fantasy novel that traces the fate of hapless twins, Reade and Maida, who are stolen away from their fishing village so that they can play a dangerous part in a religious ritual. When Alana Woodsinger, a priestess, attempts to guide their rescue, she is hampered by her relative youth and inexperience. Not even Alana, though, can predict what will happen when the twins decide they don't want to be saved....

SACRIFICE is "... entertaining, with a spectacular climax and [a] satisfying conclusion." -- Locus Magazine

"Season of Sacrifice is typical of Mindy Klasky. It starts off as one story, in this case an almost traditional quest story, and soon metamorphoses into a complex, multilayered tapestry of culture clash and political intrigue. The slow alienation and seduction of the kidnapped children is fascinating to witness, as they start out defiantly and slowly come around to a new way of thinking. The culture clash experienced by Duke Coren with the People, and the People as they journey into strange lands, is just as interesting. . . . Season of Sacrifice is a good, entertaining stand-alone novel that takes a fresh look at the way two distinctly different cultures clash, yet rely upon one another, and how they relate where it counts." -- Green Man Review

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