New Book, New Look

Posted by on September 7, 2006 in administrivia, uncategorized | 6 comments

I have revised the appearance of this blog (including listing the tags, in a column to the left!)  Since I can’t stop meddling with all things code, I’ve also revised the appearance of my website. 

Gee, can you tell that I recently turned in a manuscript?

Mindy, ready to retire her “Coding Monkey” credentials for the day…


  1. I love it!! You’re good at this stuff!

    • You’re too kind!

      The blog is actually almost all a template from LiveJournal. The website – well, that’s my own working, from an OSWD template, radically modified.

      I wish I really had time to learn this stuff!

  2. Ooooooooooo! Love this one! Love the colors! Love the tags!

    • Many thanks. I was actually quite pleased when I found the template, although it wasn’t as “tweakable” as I wanted it to be. Actually, truth be told, it’s my CSS skills that aren’t as tweakable! I’m pleased, though. For now. (I’ll change the whole thing in a fit of pique sometime a few months from now 🙂 )

      • Whoa!

        I go away for a month, and you totally rearrange the furniture!

        In general I like the new look, especially the tags in the side panel. The one thing which gives me headaches is the way comment posts tend to run together, with only pictures showing where one ends and the next begins. That’s OK if there are only a couple of comments, but if there are 22 (like with “Yaz the Cat”), it becomes really hard to scan through them. Some sort of border between posts would be helpful.

        I am really sorry to hear about Yaz. We’ve had to bury a couple of our own cats in recent years, including Solomon, a really “magical” silver-grey British Blue who was almost 18. Any more, it seems like all of them are getting cancer. Misha, our 15-year-old, is likewise showing disturbing signs of illness, at least according to blood tests. Alas, our little furry friends don’t live forever.


        Bob Shepard from Denver

        • Re: Whoa!

          Yep – tweaking the comments page was one thing I would have preferred to do. Alas – perhaps in a future incarnation!

          I’m sorry to hear about the passing ofyour Solomon, and I hope that Misha pulls through whatever the bloodwork is threatening…

          Mindy, typing with a disgruntled torty on her lap right now!