Virtual Tour Continues

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Rounding out a three-year tradition, our own elsceetaria  has interviewed me, to celebrate the release of MAGIC AND THE MODERN GIRL.  Her questions are fun (and sometimes funny).  You can read the questions and answers here: 

On the home front, nothing much to report.  I spent most of yesterday playing with the newsletter – I am thrilled that my "bounces" and "unsubscribes" are less than 1% of the entire mailing list.  Vertical Response does a good job with its product; it’s flexible and easy to use.

Today, I make another trip to the post office; after noon today, I will have sent out everything that I owe to everyone (but that’ll change early next week, as I start to send copies of MAGIC to folks who have won them for posting on some of the non-LJ blogs where I’ve been a guest.)  No rest for the wicked, eh?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Mindy, looking forward to more baseball, more reading, and a bit of downtime…