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This morning, I finished editing the file for the ebook version of SEASON OF SACRIFICE.  The entire experience was fascinating.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I found one serious continuity error.  By the time I got to the end of the book, I found a few other continuity errors, and a couple of instances where a character said something that was technically correct, but which s/he had no way of knowing (or which came as a complete and utter surprise to readers because I kinda, sorta forgot to tell them that something was going on in another part of the kingdom.

I ended up cutting a few paragraphs here and adding a few paragraphs there.  I tweaked a few word choices, and I modified a handful of sentences. 

If I were writing the book from scratch, I’d change a few things.  I’d take a couple of "told" instances, and I’d "show" the reader instead, building some dialog to transmit some ideas. 

As the story stood, though, I didn’t *need* to rework anything to any great extent, and I decided to keep the book relatively true to its origin.

When I wrote SACRIFICE, I built in the "skyhooks" necessary to continue the characters’ stories into future volumes.  You know, if the public clamored for such continuation.  As the book played out, no such clamoring occurred, and that’s okay.  The story in SACRIFICE is completely resolved.  Each of the characters has come to rest.  Each of the plot lines is tucked neatly into the ball of yarn that is the overall story.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the way this work stood up on re-reading.  It’ll be available, relatively soon, as an ebook, or as a print-on-demand print book.  I’ll keep you all posted.  Of course.

Mindy, pleased to be catching up on the backlog…


  1. Hm, now I have to decide if I read the copy on my shelf, or wait for the e-book!

    • Compare, and contrast 🙂

  2. With the print on demand book, does that mean they’ll print one up if we order one? ‘Cause I’m not an e-book gal, at least not yet.

    Catching up is good! Any day now…

    • Yep – if someone orders the print on demand, then they’ll receive a bound, trade-paperback-sized book.

      • Okay–where do I go?!!

        • It’s not available yet – I just finished proofing the file. E-reads has to put it into production, then I’ll make an announcement here, on my website, and anywhere else I can think to spam the universe 🙂

  3. I hope I can afford the print-on-demand one either that or the formating is something I can print out (sometimes it is – sometimes it isn’t).

    It will be neat to compare the two versions. I haven’t read Sacrifice in forever. I might reread it if I had the time.

    • ::grin::

      I don’t know that you’d notice the changes – unless the continuity glitches irked you in the original. As for whether the e-formats are printable – I’m not sure. They’re pretty standard formats, for the most part (e.g., Kindle-compatible, Mobi, etc.) but the e-world is new to me…

  4. As an eBook fan that sounds great – though I do pray it’s not going to be PDF only.

    • Nope – there are about a half dozen different formats…