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So, I’ve tweaked things over on the main website,, setting up a color scheme to complement the As You Wish series (in a store near you, October 1!)  I’ve also played around with my LJ journal format (for the three people who don’t read LJ through their own journal style…)  All of this transition is background for my making my Grand Announcement:

SEASON OF SACRIFICE, one of my first fantasy novels, is now available as an e-book!  

I’ve always loved SACRIFICE (despite its heroine appearing in a leather bikini on the cover of the original print edition!)  It’s the story of Alana Woodsinger, a young priestess who is reluctant to take up the mantle of her responsibility within her fishing community on the remote Headland of Slaughter.  Alana’s reluctance, though, is cast aside when soldiers arrive from the mainland to kidnap young twins from the fisherfolk.  Alana guides the trio of rescuers who attempt to save the children, persisting even when those victims decide they don’t want to be saved….

SACRIFICE has been out of print for nearly seven years, and even used copies have grown quite scarce.  Now, readers can once again own this stand-alone fantasy novel, newly revised, and complete with magical oak trees, recalcitrant heroes, grandiose religious rituals, and giant snakes.  (I *did* mention the snakes, didn’t I?)

Mindy, back to writing new material, now that the website is updated


  1. Congrats on the book being re-issued! Woot! And the website looks great.

    • Many thanks! I’ve been having fun tweaking it. I changed the head graphic today, to one of my books, and I think I’m going to leave it that way – at least for now!

      • BTW–I wasn’t sure what I thought about the new book cover the first time I saw it…but I am falling more and more in love with it each time I see it again!

        • ::grin::

          I liked how different it was from the Jane Madison books, even from the get-go. The first version of the Wish cover that I saw, though, was a little creepy – it had a man’s hands over her eyes, and I didn’t like the control-issues subtext. I like how distinctive the two titles are that I’ve seen. And I have to finish my Art Fact Sheet this afternoon, for the third one!

  2. I noticed just yesterday that it looks like is carrying a new print edition of Season of Sacrifice:

    I’ll have to go back and re-read it one of these days. I’ve still got one of the originals.

    Bob Shepard

    • Bob! It’s great to see you around here!

      The new print edition of SEASON OF SACRIFICE is tied into the electronic edition (it’s printable on demand, from the electronic file.)

      I hope that you enjoy the re-read – in your copious (not!) spare time!

  3. Congratulations on SEASON, Mindy!

    Your new color scheme sort of woke me up…

    Kristen B.

    • Aha! My work here is done! šŸ™‚