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I am beyond pleased to announce that today is bookday for HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH!  We have celebrations and contests galore going on around here!

First and foremost, Mark noted the official release date of HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH by sending me flowers – red and yellow daisies, to be specific, to match the cover of the book.  He also gave me a rare "book release" card – okay, it was a birthday card – celebrating by tenth birthday bookday!  He has set aside the book that he is currently reading, so that he can read HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH during his subway commute.  I think I’m going to keep him!

Second – If you haven’t had a chance to read the first chapter of HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH, it’s available online:

Third – There is a contest going on, and the prize is a signed copy of HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH.  To enter the contest, send me an email at, telling me what you would wish for, if a genie granted you one wish.  You can read more about the contest  (including how your entries will become famous!) here:

Fourth – We’re having another contest, and the prize is a signed copy of any of my books that I have in stock.  To enter *that* contest, send me a photo of HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH.  It can be in a bookstore, it can be on your home shelves, it can be posed with your child or pet or spouse…  Send the photo to, so that I can add your entry to a collage, which I’ll post onlilne.  One prize will go to the first photographer who sends me a snapshot; another will go to a photo-sender, selected at random from all the photo-senders.

Thank you, all, for sharing the excitement of bookday with me!

Mindy, bouncing


  1. Congratulations! It was great seeing you Sunday. You and Mark are just too cute for words.

    • Cute?!? Your corned beef has must have been drugged! (But thanks – and it was good to see you guys, too.)

  2. Happy Bookday!

    • Merci! That sword hilt somehow seems regal and commanding – sort of the opposite of my current cover image…

  3. Ooh! Exciting! I just pre-ordered the Kindle version; it said it would be sent Oct. 1. I think I will wait and get the print version at WFC. That way I can still buy something from Larry Smith. Just don’t tell him I have a Kindle!

    • Hey, you have to keep your own secrets from Larry! I wonder if he’s going to be at Capclave – I have a few books I need to buy, but I’ll wait a couple of weeks to try to get them there…

  4. Yay! Happy Bookday!

    • ::grin:: Your icon makes me want to celebrate, with mariachis and margaritas!

  5. Yay! I’ve been looking for a few days, because I’ve been known to be able to find them early, but no luck so far. I’ll hit up a few stores today after work, hopefully.

    I’m a little torn about entering contests I like to share the wealth, but its been awhile, so I just might enter again.

    • Seriously can’t find the book at my usuals. I’ll be driving 20 minutes to get it, either that or overnight it from Amazon. Why didn’t B&N order the thing?

      • I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding it! Both Borders and B&N picked it up, and I’ve heard from other folks who’ve found it at B&N, so it seems like maybe your local store is the outlier… I appreciate your perseverance though!

        • It’s okay. The first B&N said we don’t have it, but the one 20 minutes away does. Would you like to order it? #2 just said, “Would you like to order a copy?”

          I’m pretty sure that my stores are just a little weird.

  6. Congrats!! And happy shared release day!! (never gets old, does it?)

    • It really doesn’t! It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, with the six-month release schedule – I bet that won’t get old either!

  7. Happy Bookday!

    • Thank you! I’ll see you at Capclave, on Saturday?

  8. Happy Bookday!

    • Many thanks!

  9. Congratulations and Happy Bookday!

    Can’t wait to see it on the shelves in my hands! =)

    • Books on shelves are one thing, but in the hand is entirely different 🙂

  10. Congrads. Quick question, how big an envelope for the bookplate + bookmark (I’ve no idea how big a bookplate is). Also, only have one copy of your book left, I hope they had a lot of copies to start with.

    • Many thanks!

      I assume that will reorder – they generally do! As for the bookplate and bookmark envelope, a stamped envelope from the UK won’t get there from here. If you send me your address (in a private message, so that it’s not out there for all the world to see), I’ll drop them in the mail to you!

  11. HUZZAH!! Happy Book Birthday!!

    Must…get…book… 🙂

    • ::grin:: I bet you know a good bookstore in town that’ll have it 🙂

  12. Happy bookday! I was so excited to see it on the new book shelves at the local mini-Borders (seriously–it is the size of a large living room and only one floor)…I got a bit carried away, and bought THREE. But I already have people clamoring for them, so they’ll go to good homes 🙂

    I was going to send you flowers too…but I was afraid you’d think that was a little too stalker-ish! (So I spent the money on the books instead. Figured that would be okay.)

    • I’d never consider you stalker-ish! But I have to say, I heartily approve of your chosen use of the flower-funds 🙂

      I also heartily thank you for the Amazon review – you *are* a writer’s best friend, do you know that?

  13. loving it

    First and foremost – Mark is amazing!

    Happy Bookday! I found it at Borders on 9/26 and felt very local author supporty when I picked up both your book and another local author’s book – Rampant, by Diana Peterfreund. Kinda funny since she just made the change from chick lit to fantasy – Killer unicorns, gotta love it.

    Getting to meet Kira = awesome.

    • Re: loving it

      Merci! I hope you enjoy Kira, the more that you get to know her! And I find it funny that Diana and I are walking in each other’s steps, only backwards!

  14. Happy Bookday!

    • Many thanks! I feel all tingly with apprehension, knowing that a real stage manager will be reading it! (I haven’t stage managed since college, lo too many years ago…)