December, the Slow Month

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I remember when December used to be the "slow" month. I was practicing law, primarily litigation, and judges liked to take the holidays off, from Thanksgiving till the end of the year. We lawyers still manipulated a few annoying deadlines (my favorite were the two years in a row that I had major briefs in a pro bono case, due on the Friday after Thanksgiving), but for the most part, December was a time of parties and relaxation. Not so much, anymore.

On Friday night, I attended a book club meeting, where the members had read HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH. Over yummy cupcakes, we talked about the book and publishing and romance and feminism – I had a *grand* time, and I hope the book group members did as well!

On Saturday, I went to the Kennedy Center, for the luncheon that kicks off the Kennedy Center awards ceremony. (My brother-in-law was the source for this hard-to-come-by ticket.) We were there primarily to see Bruuuuuce, and we were extraordinarily disappointed that he chose not to show up. (He *did* make it to the State Department for the formal dinner that night, but we weren’t in attendance.) At least the food was wonderful – especially the fried chicken entree and the cheesecake pop desserts. The decorating theme was rainbows (like the ribbons for the Honors awards), and all of the desserts were brightly colored – red ones on the red table, indigo ones on the indigo table, etc. We all had food-color stained lips by the end of the afternoon 🙂

On Sunday, we had neighbors over for a casual brunch. We’d been planning on doing this for *months*, so it was particularly satisfying to sit down for a few hours, tell stories, compare floor plans (all of our townhouses have the same basic design, but there are intriguing variations) and to eat far too much food.

Today, I met a friend for lunch, sharing pizza and catching up on our lives for the past way-too-many months.

And somewhere in there, I finished a complete revision to the upcoming vampire series, working out an entirely new plot for the first novel. My editor wrote back upon receipt that she loved it (and I could tell, as I wrote it, that I was hitting the target squarely – a great feeling!)

I also wrote another 10K words on Super Secret Project 2 at the request of [information redacted, to protect the innocent.] I am more excited about this project than ever, and I can’t wait to share it with you – hopefully very soon!

So. Maybe January will be the slow month?

Mindy, rolling up her sleeves to tackle a legal freelancing project by Wednesday, because there’s more socializing around the bend…


  1. It sounds like your month has been as crazy as my year. Here’s to hoping we both have much a much calmer winter in our future.

    • I enjoy being busy, but sometimes things spin out of control…

  2. I can’t wait to see the vamp stuff 🙂 So glad you found the right note…

    Sorry about Bruce. I have a friend who is a Bruce fanatic–goes to concerts all the time. She would have cried.

    Jan and Feb are my slow months (since I’m in retail)–I look forward to them more than you would believe 🙂

    • It turns out that Bruce also skipped the formal dinner, after the awards ceremony (the one we weren’t invited to.) I think that shows a distinct bad form.

      So, how long is your Jan and Feb to-do list? ::wicked grin::

      • Very bad form.

        And the Jan/Feb lists aren’t too bad: finish WIP, edit WIP, send WIP to top three agents on list (Marlene Stringer, either Elaine Spencer or Lucienne Diver, and your pal Richard…who never did answer my last query email). Then, if they don’t bite, go back to mass queries. (But they will, so it won’t come to that.)

        Are we seeing a theme here?

        And sort out/clean the upstairs rooms and closets…

        • You forgot the “lather, rinse, repeat” part. That seems to be crucial for almost anything that I do these days! 🙂