Guer-il-la, not Gorilla

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You know how you learn a new word, and all of a sudden, you start seeing it in dozens of places?  That’s the way it was for me, when I started to research guerilla gardening for WHEN GOOD WISHES GO BAD.  I’d read a few posts on Boing Boing, about people who take back the streets of major cities, but I’d never really explored the concept before.  One of my favorite parts of writing the second genie book, though, was browsing guerilla gardening blogs online, collecting information for the story.

Where else can one learn to build a seed bomb?  (Yeah, a seed bomb – chunks of earth impregnated with seeds, tossed into "enemy" territory and then allowed to germinate.  The first ones were made in balloons or Christmas ornaments, but the guerillas got tired of picking up torn rubber or shattered glass!)

Or master the fine art of fire escape gardening?  (Not just for herbs any more?)

Or discover which plants are best for secret plantings on the verge, between the sidewalk and the street?  (A wide range of greenery, it turns out – all of which gave me ideas for my own home decor…)

Even though the White House Vegetable Garden isn’t a guerilla garden, it brought the same sort of smiles to my face as I was researching.  I’ve always dreamed of having a green thumb.  (Living in a townhouse, with about six square feet of "lawn", I have very little room to try…)  In my characters, I get to express those dreams!

WHEN GOOD WISHES GO BAD will be out in two weeks!  Then, you’ll get to imagine your own urban greenery warfare!

Mindy, itching to see her latest baby in stores…


  1. I first read about guerilla gardening in my Organic Gardening magazine (a great source for all kinds of gardening info, BTW). I love the idea of secretly planting beauty in ugly spots!
    Now I REALLYYYYYYY can’t wait to read this book!

    • ::grin:: My work here is done!

  2. I can’t wait to take your baby home!

    • Not much longer to wait 🙂