Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…

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In order to support my freelance work for law-firm clients, I maintain my membership in the District of Columbia bar.  One of the perks of bar membership is the monthly magazine, Washington Lawyer. 

While reading this month’s issue, I came across the following exciting news:

Pilot Program Tests Use of Listservs for Section Members

Three D.C. Bar sections have launched listservs as part of a pilot program to assess the value of an electronic discussion group….  With greater participation, the listservs are poised to become a powerful tool in advancing the law, putting the advice of some of the most respected attorneys within a few keystrokes….

Huh.  The first listserv that I joined was in library school, in 1995.  At that time, there were literally thousands of listservs for specialized groups.  It’s great to see that the bar is out there on the cutting edge!

Mindy, figuring that this little tidbit just might find its way into the Night Court series…


  1. Given that we still have a few attorneys here who refuse to use a computer at all–they write everything in long hand on legal pads–this sounds downright cutting-edge.

  2. *laughing hysterically*

    Nice to know our legal system is so on top of things…

  3. Wow, seriously?! I was on listservs in 1996, back when I was getting my e-mail through a 64 baud dial-up modem using pine and elm (and that was at work — at home I had, wait for it, Telemate).

    OTOH, I often edit law professors (they have listservs, too; I know this because I’ve got onto several of them by mistake), and a distressing number of them do appalling things like sending me last-minute changes, written in longhand on a print-out of their article, by snail mail.

  4. Wow, next they’ll be getting into those blog thingamajiggers … 😉