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About a month ago, I asked you, dear readers, to let me know if you had questions about me, my writing, the publishing world, etc.  Many of you came forward with great inquiries.  In celebration of yesterday’s release of WHEN GOOD WISHES GO BAD, I’ve started to answer those questions in various venues around the Interwebz.  

For example, you can read five questions and answers on David B. Coe’s blog, here:

I talk about my so-called typical day as a writer, fun and quirky research that I did for GOOD/BAD, the trials and tribulations of being an author, and a few other things.

(And if you aren’t reading David’s blog already?  You should!  He has great insights into the writing game.  Also, he links up to his incredible writing posts over at Magical Words.  Really.  You should be reading what this man has to say, if you write fantasy, read fantasy, or have any interest at all in what makes our little corner of the publishing world turn.)

Mindy, trying to settle down enough to get some editing done on TO WISH OR NOT TO WISH, the third As You Wish book!

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  1. I’m subscribed to Magical Words (and it’s been great), but I’ll definitely check that out!