Romantic Times Review – WHEN GOOD WISHES GO BAD

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Does anyone subscribe to Romantic Times?  I understand they’ve given WHEN GOOD WISHES GO BAD four stars, but the review won’t be available online for at least a month.  Anyone want to feed an author’s craziness?

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  1. When Good Wishes Go Bad
    4 stars mild

    A fun premise, lots of conflict – both serious and comic – and a cast of well written characers add up to a very fun read. Becca’s wry obervations add dimesnion ot the story


    Summary: The Mercer Project, the theater where dramaturge Rebecca Morris works, unexpectedly loses the rights to the play they’re about to produce. Then Becca finds out that her boyfriend has skipped town with more than three million dollars belonging to the Mercer – and the contents of her bank account.

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    Things look up a bit when playwrite Ryan Thompson turns up with a fabulous alternative script. Being broke and homless – Becca’s apartment is a crime scene – are less easily fixed. Until stage manager King gives Becca some clothes – and a lamp containing teel, a genie with an agenda. Teel’s a mixed blessing whop pressures Becca to make her four wishes, and her attraction to Ryan couldn’t come at a worse time!

    reviewed by Catherine Witmer.

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  3. What a great review!

  4. I’ve got it! Would you like me to mail you my copy?

    • Belatedly… Thanks for the offer, but I don’t need it in print 🙂