1. Gym or gym class.

    • Ditto!

    • This first, when I was a kid. Later it became PE, in the mid-90s.

  2. …but I grew up in English schools (in England and Hong Kong), so this answer may lead you astray. And as a short, round asthmatic my most loathed activities were running hurdles and running cross country. And after the incident when the teacher didn’t notice that I hadn’t returned from the cross country run, and I was found four hours later unconscious at the side of the road (aged 12) I had a note from my doctor which gave me carte blanche to refuse any activity from then until the end of my school career. This meant essentially that I only participated when we were swimming. Field hockey, netball, rounders, running…all scratched off my list.

  3. In Melbourne, Australia, it was both Phys Ed or P.E. Depended on how it came out of your mouth at the time.

  4. Around here, it seems like everyone calls it something different: Gym, P.E., or Phys. Ed. I couldn’t pinpoint one as the dominant term.

  5. We always called it Gym. If it was listed as something else on the official schedule or course description, I couldn’t recall.

    Despite being a skinny, shortest-in-the-class, bespectacled geek in all-boys Catholic schools, I loved Gym. Particularly dodgeball. I was wirey and quick, so I could dart out to retrieve rebounds before they got back to the other team, and I was damned-near untouchable for all the ducking and dodging I could do. Had lots of practice from avoiding the bullies in the schoolyard.

  6. We always referred to it as gym or gym class, although I think officially on the class schedule it was phys. ed.

  7. P.E or gym (class). Later years when there were different versions, I’d use those names (swimming, team sports).

  8. Gym or P.E.

  9. At our school, we called that time “Bodyworks”. But I went to a tiny private hippy school, so.

  10. we called it “gym” here in Minnesota, USA.

  11. Phy. Ed.

  12. or “Gym”

  13. We called it Gym.

  14. Another vote for “Gym.”

  15. P.E. if indoors, “Games” if outdoors.

  16. Yes, we called it “Gym Class” more than anything else. Though “Phys Ed” was also used.

  17. And I hated it, we had to play hockey up on top of a freeing mountain with ‘Pete the perv’ as a bus driver. How no one sustained an injury changing on the bus I’ll never know. Fortunately I had a wonderful mother who wrote me ‘get out of jail’ notes roughly 2 out of every 3 weeks.

  18. Add me to the list of those who had gym

  19. Officially it was called phys ed or gym class. Personally, I called it Hell.

  20. Phys. Ed on the east coast. PE on the west coast. I’ve done both.

  21. We called it Gym, when I was in school, 20 odd years ago.}:P

  22. We called it “Gym,” but I think the school called it “Phys. Ed.”

  23. Gym or gym class.

  24. As with so many others, “gym.”

  25. ew… I personally called it various four letter words, but we always called it Gym class, or just plain gym

    oh… and I hated it…

    deeply. 😉

  26. Gym (U.S. midwest)

  27. Math. It was just so painful. I got a C minus and the teacher said I did a good job.

  28. Gym in elementary school. P.E. after that.

  29. Officially it was Phys. Ed., but most students called it gym or gym class.

  30. Gym or gym class. (Or “oh why is this class *right* after lunch”.)

  31. All of the above!

    In Pennsylvania, it was “Gym”
    In West Virginia, it was “Phys Ed”
    In Florida, it was “PE”

  32. I called it Hell. I’m probably not the only one who did, either.

  33. gym

  34. Gym.

  35. We just called it gym or gym class.