Sending You Away

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I know that I’m supposed to type witty and entertaining things here, to keep you perusing my LiveJournal and/or Facebook pages, commenting away to your hearts’ content.  Alas, today I’m going to send you to other witty and entertaining places.

1.  If you’d like to read my thoughts about April Fools Day (including why I like the day, even when I dislike most pranks), head over to SFNovelists for my post, Feeling Like a Fool:

2.  If you want to learn more about the crazed, twisted way my brain works, and/or you’d like more answers to some of those questions that people posed last month, you can read a selection on Deborah Blake’s blog, Writing the Witchy Way:  I met Deb a few years back when I edited her very fun light comic romance about witches, and she’s remained a good friend.  Deb regularly teaches writing classes, and she’s in the midst of shopping around a wonderful novel!  I’m giving away a copy of WHEN GOOD WISHES GO BAD to one person who comments on Deb’s blog entry.

3.  And for more questions and answers, visit Alyx Dellamonica, one of my colleagues in the SFNovelists group:  In addition to writing some very sharp speculative fiction, Alyx teaches some highly acclaimed online writing classes.

OK…  I’m heading back to work.  I still have to write a blog entry about how I’ve joined a cult, but that might even wait till next week…

Mindy, too busy to stop and think!