One Down…

Posted by on May 19, 2010 in fright court, uncategorized, vampire series | 7 comments

Yesterday afternoon, I sent off the draft of BITE AFTER BITE.  Today, I’m roughing out the outline for the second book in the Night Court series DIAL V FOR VAMPIRE.

Interestingly (OK, to me, at least…) I was asked to write a synopsis for DIAL V about six weeks ago, when I had about 60% of BITE drafted.  (The outline was needed by the art department, so that they could coordinate covers for all books in the series.)  With all good intentions, I wrote up my DIAL V synopsis, then set it aside, while I got back to work on BITE.

Now, a mere six weeks later, I find the synopsis unworkable in almost every respect.  Due to the nature of the synopsis, most of it was character-descriptive (the types of things you might see on the cover of a book.)  I included write-ups of a couple of key scenes, so that one of those could also be depicted.  There was very little in the way of *plot*, and almost nothing in the way of *true conflict*.

Oh – and there was a major new character that I created for DIAL V, who I’ve now folded into one of the lead characters of BITE.

I thought that today was going to be a quick stroll in the park, breaking down my synopsis into chapters, reading it over once, and sending it on its way.  I have a lot more work ahead of me, though…

Mindy, pleased to watch the vampire world growing around her…


  1. Are these some new Chick Lit books books? Also, will there be more in your Genie series?

    • There will be a total of three genie books – HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH (already out), WHEN GOOD WISHES GO BAD (already out), and TO WISH OR NOT TO WISH (out in October of this year)!

      The Night Court books will have very much the same flavor and tone – chick-lit-ish, light romantic fiction. They’re published by Mira, which took over my books when Red Dress Ink went to sleep…

      • I so miss RDI…Mira doesn’t compare. To clustered. You know? Where RDI was mostly chick lit.

        I’m glad they are still putting your books out though. They got rid of one of their RDI authors that were under Mira the other day, so I came to your LJ just to make sure you were still safe there…and you are. *sigh of relief*

        Can’t wait for the new books 🙂

  2. *laughs* I know exactly what you mean. My current WIP “mostly” followed the outline. Except when it didn’t 🙂

    BTW–finished the first draft today! *does happy dance*

    • Yep – I totally know that “followed the outline, except when not.” With BITE, there was a lot of “not” 🙂

  3. Hm, perhaps a play on “stake”? Like, STAKE MY REPUTATION?

    • It *looks* like we’re going to use “BITE” as the anchor word for the books. We’ll see – I’m a little gun-shy in posting the new-new titles, because they’ve changed so many times!