Comfort Food – Dessert Edition

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This past weekend, I indulged in all sorts of comfort food.  I even followed through on a home version of a childhood dessert:  s’mores.  Until about a year ago, I hadn’t had s’mores in over twenty years.  They became a feature, though, of a certain writing retreat a while back – with the marshmallows cooked over the blue flame of a gas stove…  My new method has the gas flame method beat cold.

Take graham cracker squares (you know, half the rectangular sheet) and place them on a cookie sheet.  Place one large marshmallow in the center of each cracker.  Place cookie sheet in a preheated 400 degree oven for five minutes.  Remove sheet from oven.  Admire the amazing way that the marshmallow has puffed up.  Place chocolate (dark, milk, or white) on top of the marshmallow and cover with matching graham cracker square.  If you have a great deal of self-restraint, wait about five minutes to eat (the marshmallow firms up some, making the entire sandwich more … coherent.)  I only managed to wait once, in all the s’more making this weekend (and that was because I was talking to a relative.)  If you don’t wait, plan on making a *huge* mess – the marshmallows are much more completely melted than the charbroiled ones you’re used to from campfires.

My verdict:  the dark chocolate are best.  Universal verdict:  the white chocolate is the least good – it doesn’t carry enough flavor to the finished product. 

Potential variations:  Ghirardelli caramel or peanut butter squares, rather than plain chocolate squares…

I gave away the last of my s’mores supplies; my pancreas thanks me 🙂

Mindy, with newly-washed hands

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  1. You’re EVIL. E-VIL. DOn’t tell me these things! (Hopefully I will be able to hold off until the Ren Faire trip at the end of the month, when we’ll be camping out…)