Let’s Go Nats!

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This has been a long week, with a lot of drama (some in our own home, some in the homes of family and friends…)  The super-hot weather hasn’t helped – we feel a bit like we’re under siege.  Or maybe that’s just because I’m re-reading some of my old fantasy novels…

In any case, we left our air-conditioned fortress last night to go to a baseball game – the San Diego Padres at the Washington Nationals.  We *almost* didn’t go to the game – we had a hundred and one excuses.  The tickets, though, had been given to us by dear friends, and we *despise* letting any tickets go to waste, so we headed down to the stadium.

And — wow! — were we glad we went!  Our seats were wonderful, just a hair down the third-base line, in the club level (which meant a/c inside, before the game started.)  The game ended up being very close, with shifts of momentum that seemed to doom our team.  Our big slugger, Adam Dunn, hit THREE home runs – and we needed every one of them by the top of the ninth.  All in all, a grand evening (and the heat wasn’t even as bad as we had thought it would be, although it was a bit disconcerting to see the thermometer on the car registering 94 degrees at 10:30 at night!)

Mindy, shifting back to "life as usual"


  1. Sounds like more fun than watching my Cardinals collapse so completely and utterly the past couple of games…ugh.

    • We’re going to see your Cards next month! (The last time we saw them here, Pujols got thrown out in the first inning, in the midst of a rare show of temper. We hope to see more of him this time!)

      • We’ve seem Albert play very well, and sometimes look downright mortal. We’ve witnessed him hitting HR’s in St. Loo and on both coasts (SF and old Shea Stadium) and he is something to behold.

        They did play better over the weekend, but it was against the Astros…