The Plot Thickens

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Thanks, everyone, for your kind words about Christina.  We’re having a somewhat quieter long weekend than we’d originally planned – neither of us feels totally back to normal.

We did, though, head down to a tiny town in North Carolina yesterday, to check out the burial plots of Mark’s family.  We had very easy driving, going and coming back – something of a surprise, given how bad the traffic usually is, returning to D.C.  Down in North Carolina, we first went to the cemetery that Google identified for us.  We walked around for about fifteen minutes, looking at every grave and finding no family members.  Concluding that there must be a second cemetery in town, we went cruising the streets.  Sure enough, we found the second cemetery in just a few minutes.  We concluded that we’d actually been looking in the African-American cemetery first.  We, and our family, our white, so the second cemetery turned out to be a better bet.

Sure enough, fifteen minutes into searching *there*, we found a cluster of family graves.  The dates told all sorts of interesting stories — we took extensive photographs, so that we can supplement family tree information.

Alas, there was *nothing* else to do in Tiny Town.  Most of the shops have closed up, probably the victim of bad economy, folks moving to the big city, etc.  The handful of storefronts still there were closed — no surprise, as it was both Sunday and Independence Day.

We left Tiny Town and headed west to the freeway, and excellent North Carolina (vinegar-based) barbecue at a long-time family favorite (Ralph’s.)  We ate *way* more food than any two people should eat, and then we purchased extra Q and Stew (Brunswick Stew) to take home.

All in all, a fun day, and something a bit out of our ordinary.  The temps were in the high 90s, which sound positively balmy, compared to the 100s that we’re expecting for the rest of the week.  I’m grateful that I live in an era of widely available air-conditioning!

Mindy, enjoying one more day before returning to the Daily Grind


  1. I’m not sure why I didn’t see this sooner, but I’m so sorry about Christina. How wonderful she had you as her people. I still miss my boys — terribly at times — even though it’s been a few years.



  2. Sounds like a nice trip–although a long one, for such a short time.
    Glad you got to relax!

  3. Tiny towns are probably good to peek at but they’re nightmares to live in. Graveyard roams are about the only real travel activity there is to do, in my experience. It tells you something.