Faux Pas de Submissions

Posted by on August 13, 2010 in business of writing | 3 comments

Today, over on the Harlequin Blog, Elizabeth Mazar writes about mistakes that authors make when they submit manuscripts to editors.  Elizabeth has first-hand knowledge of these mistakes – she is the woman who opens hundreds of submissions a week, for two high-powered Harlequin editors.  Her post provides great guidelines – for anyone submitting to Harlequin, but also for anyone submitting to *any* agent or editor.

You can read Elizabeth’s words of wisdom here:


Mindy, off to play with computer-y things for the better part of the day.  (The worse part of the day includes finding my desk beneath RWA Conference Debris!)


  1. Now I want to read the book about the millionaire CIA-agent vampire minister. Or write it. Or watch the TV show.

  2. All very sensible suggestions in that post. AlthoughI did once package up a job application very carefully only to cut my finger as I grappled with the post box. I got the job in spite of the blood that smeared the envelope as it disappeared into the depths of the box.

  3. SFF Net

    Mindy, please write again. We can’t answer your question because the email address you provided doesn’t work.


    – j.