Special Delivery

Posted by on August 12, 2010 in girl's guide to witchcraft | 2 comments

Our hero(ine) is sitting at her desk, innocently typing away.  She hears something *thump* down outside the front door.  The doorbell rings three times.

Save file.  Push back from desk.  Corral cat.  Open door.

And what should I find, but a box.  A box containing three copies of Comment Je Suis Devenue Iresistible.  That would be the French version of Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft.  That would be the book that came out about eight months ago.  The one that I finagled a friend in Paris to find and to send me two copies.

I’d heard that Harlequin outsources their international author’s copies, and that the outsourcing "batches" delivery.

But color me surprised!

Mindy, tempted to brush up on her high school French…


  1. Cool! If you get a chance, you should post the cover.

  2. Woot!

    Er…tres bien!