A Wish By Any Other Name

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Several folks have commented on the cover of TO WISH OR NOT TO WISH, noting how different it is from the other books in the series:

And therein lies a tale…

When I attended RWA Nationals, back in July, I participated in the mass signing (400 authors in an auditorium; thousands of book buyers wandering around, buying books with all the cost going to literacy charities).

More than 50% of the people who approached me asked if the As You Wish books were for young adults.

I was astonished.  I mean, the books are intended for women readers.  They have adult women on the covers.  The back cover copy clearly talks about their professional careers in the theater.

And yet, something about the covers read “YA.”  And while the books are “YA-friendly” – there isn’t graphic sex; there’s no violence; the swearing is relatively mild – I didn’t want to miss out on the much-larger universe of adult readers.  Neither did Mira.

So we decided to try something different.  Times Square is apparent on the new cover.  Erin’s full body is pictured, cementing the idea that she is, in fact, an adult woman.

I’m *thrilled* with the character’s pose, with the choices (to wish?  Not to wish?) that she’s offering on her serving platters.

And I’m dying to see how this cover reads to new audiences.  October 5.  I’ll start having answers then.

Mindy, tired of holding her breath, crossing her fingers, and waiting


  1. I had actually thought the same thing when I saw the first book to the series. Came across the third one today but thought it was apart of a different series. Just had to get it! Which leaves me to my question; can you read this series out of order or is it better to start with the first? I noticed each is about a different girl. So now I need the first two but it seems like the first is ebook only right now, at least at Borders. : (

    • The As You Wish series can be read in any order – the continuing character in the series is the *genie*. Each novel has its own heroine, and her story gets resolved completely in each book.