Latvian Place-holder

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I have links to share, and thoughts about my work in progress, and a quick recap of my reading for a group of great friends-and-librarians last night.  But I’m running behind on that work in progress (yeah, two chapters to draft today!), so you’re stuck with pictures from Latvia, instead:

Turaida Castle, largely in ruins, but with a tower to climb and survey the countryside:

Er, the countryside.  Or, at least, the foundations of buildings within the castle keep, as seen from the tower:

And then The Storyteller, a sculpture from Gauja National Park, home of Turaida Castle, a working farm, a museum about the history of the Letts (the original tribal folks who lived in Latvia), and a complete sculpture garden of modern works, mostly in sandstone:

(We didn’t hear or read a lot of the traditional four-line Latvian folksongs that are the basis for this statue – oddly enough, there isn’t a huge market for the Latvian equivalent of haiku!)

Mindy, promising to write a more substantive post, um, soon