Product Endorsements (and Capclave Reminder)

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Reversing the order from my title…

If you’re in the D.C. area this weekend, I’d love to see you at Capclave, our local science fiction convention.  I’ll be around the Rockville Hilton all day on Saturday, so don’t be a stranger!

And now, on to the Products Endorsement segment of our posting.

Like many people, we try to reduce the amount of plastic that we consume, especially plastic bags.  Also like many people, we shop at a lot of mainstream stores, which seem to give extra credit to the cashier who distributes the most plastic bags.  And also like many people, one person in this household brown-bags his lunch every day.

Our solutions?

(Insert boring solution about fabric grocery bags, used for major grocery shopping trips.)

And then there’s the Flip and Tumble 24-7 bag, for daily excursions.  These bags are the perfect solution for holding a few things from the drug store, or for collecting paper handouts on a museum trip, or for holding lunch on a museum excursion.  They are made out of rip-stop nylon, and they fold into their own pouch.  My only complaint is that they never wear out, so I have no excuse for buying cool new colors.  The website is here:

Our other household solution to spawning plastic bags is the Wrap-n-Mat.  I was *very* skeptical when we were given a sandwich mat – what sort of plastic-encased fabric was going to hold a sandwich together without getting nasty from condiments, or sodden from sandwich fixings?  I am a total convert – we use one sandwich wrap and one folding sack every single day (the folding sack holds fresh fruit, like grapes or apple slices; sometimes we use it for chips or pretzels) and no, it doesn’t leak.  Ours have held up for two years and show absolutely no sign of wear and tear; I wipe them down with a damp sponge when they get dirty.

Now, strangely, I’m hungry…  What re-usable, “green” replacements for daily use do you love?

Mindy, who would fill every stocking on her list with the above treasures, if she hadn’t received them in the first place from those self-same stocking holders…