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A quick recap of Capclave, my local SF convention, which was held this past weekend at the Rockville Hilton…

I was only able to attend the convention on Saturday, so I was honor-bound to condense three days of activity into about ten hours.  I succeeded, but I could not believe how exhausted I was when I got home!

I wasn’t on any panels, but I did a number of activities, including a reading (joy of joys, to be sitting in a full room!  And people even laughed at the funny lines!), a book launch party (fun chance to catch up with friends, even if the “book launch” part of things got a little lost along the way), sitting at an author’s table (ditto), and the mass autographing (um, tritto…)  I wrapped up the evening recording a reading for Fast Forward – I’ll post a link when it’s available online.

Along the way, I got to catch up with all sorts of friends, including Oz Drummond, Jagi Lamplighter, Karen and Charlie Newton, Jeri Smith-Ready, Bud Sparhawk, Sandy and Risa Stewart, Jean Marie Ward, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Mike Zipser, and a cast of thousands that I’ll certainly remember as soon as I click “Publish” on this post.

I also met new-to-me readers, and I discovered new-to-me writers – the perfect result of a con!  I would love to offer a special tip of the hat to Colleen Cahill, who pulled together a great program, with lots of special bits and pieces, including Jeff and Ann VanderMeer’s presentation of their now-annual Last Drink Bird Head awards, recognizing dedicated, hard-working people in the SF community who often toil in relative obscurity (e.g., “increasing literacy” and “bringing sanity to insane discussions”).

All in all, a great – if thoroughly exhausting – way to spend a day.  The frosting on the figurative cake was that the parking garage gate was open when I left, so that I didn’t need to pay for parking!

Mindy, settling down to completing some of the work that didn’t get done while she was playing