Rani Gets Around

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While I was in St. Petersburg, I went to the amazing, incredible Dome Bookstore, on Nevsky Prospect.  (What?  You don’t go to bookstores when you’re on vacation?  Especially to seek out books that you can’t read because they’re in a language you don’t know?)

While perusing the “bestseller” shelves, I found an old friend:

What’s that, you say?  You can’t see that tiny picture?  Well, here’s a larger one, putting the hard-cover next to the paperback:

Just in case you don’t recognize her, here’s another hint:

That’s Rani Trader, heroine of my Glasswrights novels, as she appeared in the second book in the series, THE GLASSWRIGHTS PROGRESS.  Rani is apparently moonlighting as Melanie Stryder, the heroine of Stephenie Meyer’s novel, HOST.

Do you think Ms. Meyer will give me a cut on her HOST profits?!?

Mindy, amused to no end…