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It’s never easy, is it?

I recently learned that some (but not all) print copies of HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH were misbound at the printer.  In the misbound copies, page 303 is the last page of my text; starting on page 304, the book becomes Georgette Heyer’s THE QUIET GENTLEMAN.

Now, I love me a good Georgette Heyer novel.  But my Wish books really aren’t the same thing.  And the conclusion to GENTLEMAN really won’t help readers looking for the conclusion to WISH.

My publisher has decided not to issue correct copies to readers who have damaged ones, and I have run out of author copies of this book to replace them on my own.  Therefore, I’ve placed the corrected pages (304 – 327) on my website, for anyone to read.  You can find the conclusion to HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH here:


(Obviously, don’t go reading there if you don’t want to be spoiled on the end of the book!)

I apologize heartily for the frustration that so many readers have experienced with regard to this book!

Mindy, shaking her head