A Different Kind of Book – MOGUL

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And now for something completely different…

Many of you know me as an author of fantasy novels.  Others of you know me as an author of light paranormals.  Today, I come to you as the author of a category romance — one of those fun, short, traditional “Harlequin” romances.  You know the type — you find them in the grocery store, or at Wal*Mart, or in your favorite bookstore.  You read them for summer fun, for quick escapism.  You know they’re not going to change your life in any significant way, but you have to admit, they’re kind of fun.

And now, my very first category romance – THE MOGUL’S MAYBE MARRIAGE – is out!  While the book is *technically* going to be released on August 11, it’s widely available online now.  You can buy it as a print book, or as an ebook.

But here’s the catch:  The print edition will likely only be available until September.  That’s right.  One month of officially being “in print.”  After that, the next month’s release will take its place.

So.  What is the discerning reader to do?

First:  Read about THE MOGUL’S MAYBE MARRIAGE here:


Second:  Read a sample from THE MOGUL’S MAYBE MARRIAGE here:


Third:  Order your copy of THE MOGUL’S MAYBE MARRIAGE here:

Harlequin | Powell’s | B & N | Borders | Indiebound | Amazon

Fourth:  If you have never read a category romance before, and if you’re interested in reading MOGUL, comment on this post.  On July 25, I’ll choose five new-to-category romance readers at random to get a *free* print copy of MOGUL.  So, what do you have to lose?

Fifth:  If you enjoy MOGUL, write reviews, spread the word, and generally let  people know, just as you would any other book.

I’ll be posting a bit more about MOGUL over the next few weeks, up to and including the official release date of August 11.  The key thing for you to know, though, is that after August, this book will not be available in bricks-and-mortar stores.

I hope that you enjoy Ethan and Sloane’s story.  I’ve had a great time with this novel – because sometimes, writing just has to be fun!

Mindy, hoping to bring some new readers into the “category romance” tent — and to find some old friends there as well!


  1. This would be a first for me, but beacause it is you (and i read all of your books) i will want to read it.

    • Thanks for the kind words! You’re entered in the drawing!

    • And you’re a winner! Send me your postal address, and I’ll send you a copy of MOGUL!

  2. I read it already and really liked it. For a book like this it had depth and smarts that you do not normally see.

    • Wow – many thanks! I’m nervous, to see how this book-child fares in the world 🙂

  3. I was going to order the Kindle version on Amazon — but it says it won’t be delivered until August 1 🙁 so ordering the kindle is a no go.

    • ::pout:: You *can* pre-order, but the file won’t be delivered for another 12 days. Sorry for the false lead – the pre-ordering rules change rapidly!

  4. Thank you for sharing. I will read the sample that you have provided.

    • Thanks, Jeff! We’re all discovering new genres all the time aren’t we? 🙂

  5. You had me at grandmother!

    • ::grin:: Ethan’s grandmother is *nothing* like either of mine!

  6. I subscribe to Special Edition and MOGUL was in the latest shipment. I went to high school, married and had my kids in D.C., so when I saw the monument and the fireworks on the cover I knew I had to read that one first.Needless to say I was not disapointed. I LOVED IT! I know I will read it again, and I hope you will write for SE again.

    • Thelma –

      Many thanks for your kind words! I’m so glad that you enjoyed MOGUL – and I hope that you’ll look out for THE DADDY DANCE, in January 2012!