As You Wish Series – Available as Ebooks!

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So, I was relatively scarce last week – but for a very good reason!  I spent a couple of days putting together New! And! Improved! editions of the As You Wish series, now available as ebooks from Amazon, Smashwords (and – soon – other vendors, as the links proliferate through the Web…)

The As You Wish Series traces a genie – Teel – who grants wishes to women who work in the professional theater.  The heroines include a stage manager, a dramaturg, and an actor.  You can read sample pages of each volume on my website:

The cover art for these new editions was created by Reece Notley (Livejournal’s wedschilde) – the same talented artist who created the cover for FRIGHT COURT.  I am *thrilled* by the covers, which capture the feeling and substance of the series for the first time in their publication history.

Each volume is value-priced at $2.99.  I hope that you’ll check them out!

(Please note that if you search for TO WISH OR NOT TO WISH on Kindle, you are still taken to the page of the more expensive Mira edition of the book.  You can get to my edition by clicking the link above, or going through my website or, on the Amazon page, clicking on the small “+” sign next to the words “Kindle edition”, then selecting the July 2011 edition.  This confusion should be cleared up within the next few days.)

Mindy, pleased to send new literary children out into the world!