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You only *think* that I’ve been ignoring you all week.  Actually, I’ve had one of my most active weeks ever online.  It’s just that I forgot to tell you.  It’s not too late, though – you can jump in and participate in all sorts of conversations, such as:

Harlequin’s “Book in Three Months” – a forum to assist writers in creating, um, you guessed it, a book in three months.  I’m chatting about “Handling Constructive Criticism” – I’ve been there for this entire week, and I’ll wrap up tomorrow.  You can read the posts without registering for the forum (but you’ll have to register if you want to make your own post).  I apologize in advance for the clumsy forum software – from the first page, click the link to “last page”, then start to read my words of wisdom, starting on page 16 (or start at the beginning and read great ideas on all aspects of novel writing – not just for romance novels!)

Pink Heart Society – a blog where I posted, chatting about making the transition from writing single title romances (like the Jane Madison series) to category romances (like Mogul’s Maybe Marriage).

Magical Words – my monthly post is up at this great group blog (speculative fiction authors talking about writing speculative fiction – what could be better!)  This month’s post is about where we buy books (and in what forms…)

So stop by!  Join in the conversation!

And I’ll be around here a bit more regularly in the near future 🙂

Mindy, jugging too many balls at the moment…