Desktop Shopping

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This holiday season, I intend to avoid every shopping mall in the area.  If all my plans come to fruition, I’ll purchase all or the vast majority of my presents from independent merchants or – best of all – directly from artisans.

One artisan-friend of mine, Deborah Blake, has similar goals.  (Yeah, that’s the Deborah Blake who writes those amazing non-fiction books about paganism.  And the one who has crafted some pretty fun urban fantasy novels as well.)  In addition to all of her writing skills, Deborah is a jewelry maker, creating necklaces, earrings, and other adornments out of semi-precious stones.

And this holiday season, Deborah has opened her own Etsy shop:

I can attest to the beauty of Deborah’s work — she has gifted me with some beautiful pieces over the years.  And as we head into this winter’s gift-buying season, Deborah is offering a gift to all of you:  For anyone who purchases a necklace today (Friday 11/25), tomorrow, or Sunday, Deborah will include a free pair of coordinating earrings!  (This is a truly valuable gift — typically, such earrings cost around $25.00.)

So?  What are you waiting for?  Check out Deborah’s Etsy shop!  And consider what other artisans you can support directly for the holidays!

Mindy, who has spent far too much time on Etsy lately…