How I Spent My Wednesday

Posted by on November 30, 2011 in computers | 2 comments

What should a girl do when her to-do list is miles long, there aren’t enough days left in the year, the story she’s writing is percolating along (even summoning her out of sleep, to add a few new ideas), etc., etc., etc.?

Why, she should revamp her website, of course!

Here’s how I spent my Wednesday:

I’m still double-checking links, etc.  Of course, if you find any that are broken, please let me know.  And if the view looks strange, don’t hesitate to drop me a line, letting me know what OS and browser you’re using…

Mindy, feeling accomplished, but way behind ::wry grin::


  1. Love it! I noticed before I’d even begun to read the post. Time well spent. Looks great on my Kindle Fire too.

  2. ::grin:: Many thanks! (One of my reasons for choosing this template is that it ports well to phones and tablets…