GIRL’S GUIDE Mystery Solved

Posted by on January 20, 2012 in business of writing, girl's guide to witchcraft | Comments Off on GIRL’S GUIDE Mystery Solved

Some of you may recall a mystery that arose a couple of weeks ago:  Amazon suddenly offered for sale a handful of “New” copies of Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft, the first volume of the Jane Madison series.  I bought them, because I have no more author copies, and I needed a few for promotional ventures.

It turns out that the books came through the “Amazon Buy Back” program.  My understanding is that these books are *generally* books that Amazon customers bought, read, and returned to Amazon through the program, so that Amazon can sell them as used books.  The Girl’s Guide copies that I bought all have Amazon BB tags on the back.

Several of them, though, also had stickers on the front, which led me to believe that they had originally been offered for sale in Borders bookstores.  I believe that Amazon must have bought stock from Borders’ stores as those stores were going out of business.  This belief is further bolstered by the fact that the copies of Girl’s Guide were sent from various Amazon warehouses, as would be the case if local warehouses had stocked up on local bricks-and-mortar stores stock.

So, mystery solved, I think.  Has anyone else seen this – Amazon offering new books at a discount when those books came from Borders?  Or does anyone have any other theories?

Mindy, curious