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Posted by on January 6, 2012 in newsletter | 2 comments

If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you received a copy in your inbox earlier this week.

(If you don’t subscribe, then you missed updates on The Daddy Dance.  And on Darkbeast.  And on a whole slew of ebooks out there with my name on them.)

So, if you want to get my next newsletter, head over to my website (if you’re not there already) and complete the three-line form (or, if you’re really feeling lazy, just the top line of the three-line form).

And whether you get my newsletter or not, tell me what you want to see in my next newsletter!  Just news about me-the-writer?  Me-the-person-aside-from-the-writer?  Excerpts from works in progress?  Recipes?  Pictures of knitting?  Something else?

Use your imagination and tell me what you’d like to see in my next newsletter!

Mindy, curious


  1. I think excerps from works-in-progress or maybe short stories about events that happened between the Jane Madison books or just short stories about JaneMadison/Fright Court chararcters in general :)!

    • ::grin:: I think you’ll be pleased with what I am planning for this spring and summer! Thanks for taking the time to comment!