Month of Letters

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Remember when you were a kid, and you ran out to the mailbox to see if you’d received a letter?  Did you beg to open anything handwritten that was addressed to ___ Family?

When I was thirteen years old, I moved to a new city.  I left behind people who had been my classmates for seven years, people whom I thought were my Best.  Friends.  Ever.  (One of them was my very first writing partner.  Another was the type of friend where you spend three or four days at her house over summer vacation, then immediately have her come over and spend three or four days at your house.  You get the idea.)

I loved getting mail after we moved.

And I love getting mail today.  Except – sigh – the vast majority of the mail in my mailbox is junk.  Catalogs.  Advertisements.  The handful of bills that I can’t make electronic.  Prospectuses on investments.


Well, the holiday season is different.  I get cards then.  Generally, I send cards then.  But this year, I was overwhelmed by the holidays, and I didn’t get my life coordinated enough to send cards.

And then along comes Mary Robinette Kowal, with a proposal to make February a Month of Letters.  You can read her idea here:

It’s pretty simple.  Send a letter every day in February that the postal service operates.  (Not on Sundays.  Not on Presidents Day.)  Just one letter – or postcard, or newspaper article perfect for a friend, or whatever.

It seems as if the only handwritten mail I send these days are thank you notes and condolence cards.

I’m going to change that in February.  Want to play along?

Mindy, brushing up her penmanship (and thanking Mary)