Strange Happenings (Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft Edition)

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In 2006, I enjoyed the public release of my first Red Dress Ink novel, Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft, the first volume of the Jane Madison series.  The book sold well – in fact, the first printing sold out entirely by November.  Alas, it took the publisher almost a year to go back to press, during which time many bookstores forgot that they wanted to reorder Girl’s Guide.  Somewhere between 2000 and 5000 copies of Girl’s Guide were stranded in a warehouse in late 2007.  I asked to buy some additional copies (all of my author copies had been distributed in my efforts to promote the series), but no one ever responded to my request.

Step forward five years.

The Jane Madison series was placed out of print, and all rights (except for French-language) reverted to me.  Although I was assured that my publisher never pulps print books, no copies remained available for sale (to the public or to me.)  I have remained vaguely frustrated, because I continue to have publicity and promotion needs for the series, but I have had no copies of Girl’s Guide for several years.

Then, yesterday, I logged into Amazon for a wholly different reason, and I found a notice that fourteen copies of Girl’s Guide were available at a special rate (the typical “remainder” rate for trade paper – $5.98) from Amazon (not from a third-party seller.)  I immediately placed an order for all fourteen copies.  Amazon has processed the order, sending me notices that all 14 copies have shipped (in three installments).  Now, no new copies are available for sale from Amazon.  (No print copies showed up on B&N or at Harlequin’s website.)

So, one of three things has happened:

  1. Harlequin found the second printing in its warehouse (after five years!) and has made those volumes available for sale.
  2. Amazon found old copies in its warehouse and has made those volumes available for sale.
  3. The posting was made in error, and I’ll get a notice from Amazon saying that they actually cannot ship, although it seems that the books have left their premises.

At this point, I don’t really care which of the options proves true – I’m just curious to see what happens!

Mindy, shrugging, shaking her head, and wondering at some of the curious ways of traditional publishing

P.S.  None of this changes the availability of Girl’s Guide as an ebook — you can buy the pixels to your heart’s content!