THE DADDY DANCE in Stores Now!

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Hey!  In the rush of the new year, I almost forgot!

I have a new book that’s out in stores (both bricks-and-mortar and online)!

It’s called The Daddy Dance, and it’s my second Harlequin Special Edition.

In The Daddy Dance, Kat Morehouse has come home to convalesce and help out her overburdened mom.  Between caring for her niece and restoring her mother’s dance studio, Kat’s last thought was romance.  Last thought, that was, until Rye Harmon turns her plans — and her heart — topsy-turvy.

Rye had been her high school crush, and he still makes her weak in the knees — not a desirable condition for a dancer!  But as their sizzling attraction draws them together, their ambitions pull them apart.  Rye’s dreams are taking him away from Eden Falls — just as Kat starts to suspect that small-town life wouldn’t be so bad … if she could share it with the right person.

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