Ebooks for Good – Another Reminder

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Sigh.  The spin-cycle just keeps going.

Today, Komen has “clarified” that they didn’t pull Planned Parenthood funding because of abortion, and they didn’t pull it because Planned Parenthood was under investigation by a Republican congressman from Florida.  Instead, they pulled funding because Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms on site; instead, they make “pass through” patients, making referrals to other facilities. Komen, through its founder Nancy Brinker, says they “Don’t like to do pass-through grants any more.”

Brinker seems unaware that virtually every gynecologist in the country passes through patients in the same way.  When I go to my gynecologist for my annual exam, she writes a prescription for a mammogram, which I take to a separate facility.

I would love to see a listing of non-PP recipients of Komen grants.  Are they all direct-care providers, such as the radiology department of my local hospital?  (And while I’m questioning, have any of them ever been under investigation by any government agent for any reason?)

I’m not likely to see that listing soon.  And so I’ll repeat my offer:  I’ll be donating all proceeds from all Mindy Klasky Res Ipsa Press ebooks from January 29 through February 5.  Here are the links:

Thank you, to everyone who has made a purchase so far!

Mindy, who understands that similar donations are being made by John Scalzi (who started this movement), Alma Alexander, and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, among others…