Too Derivative (Not!)

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So, I’m writing this novel.

And in this novel, my main character is reading Hamlet.  Shakespeare’s play is giving me a great chance for Main Character to think about duty and honor and revenge.  After a particular incident, she thinks, “We have a policy against [that] but it’s…”

I wanted to say “observed more in the breach than…” but I couldn’t remember the rest of the proverb.  So I typed the words into Google.  The correct quote is:  “It’s more honored in the breach than the observance.”

And the quote is from Hamlet, not a timeworn proverb.

Kismet, I tell you.  Pure Kismet.  (Yeah, that’s another play.)

I’m reminded of the time I saw a production of Hamlet, with about 25 high school kids in the audience.  At intermission, they were talking about the play and one complained to the other, “It’s just filled with so many cliches!  Couldn’t Shakespare write an original line?  I mean, ‘to be or not to be’ – sheesh!”

So, yeah.  Hamlet‘s too derivative.  Not.

Mindy, quoting the bard to her heart’s content