Super Secret Projects and Scarcity

Posted by on September 28, 2012 in crossroads, jane madison series, life in klaskyville | 4 comments

Yesterday, I barely dipped my toe into the online world.  See, I was about 150 pages away from finishing my edits on my Super Secret Project, CROSSROADS.  (No, I can’t tell you about it.  That’s why it’s a Super Secret.  I *can* say that it’s a full novel, written on spec, for a teen audience.  It’s in a genre new to me, but one that I’ve read widely.  I really, really, really like the characters and the plot, and I’m typing this post with my fingers crossed, in hopes that my agent will love it as much I do!)

So, as I was saying — no blogging.  No Facebook.  No Twitter.  (What?  You didn’t know I’m on Twitter?  Yeah, I’m just starting out there as @MorganKeyes.)  And all of that absence felt … strange.  Good, actually.  Focused.  Like I didn’t have a million shouty voices in my head.

Today will be a rather scattered day, catching up on emails, clearing the debris that accumulates when a project is oh-so-close to completion.  And then?  On Monday?  I begin to write a new Jane Madison novel!

Mindy, trying to keep from starting the new project today!


  1. new Jane Madison?! be still my beating heart! she’s my favorite of all your characters. when? when? when?

    • ::grin:: Your wish is my command 🙂 I suspect that the new book will be out in the first quarter of next year (subject to the ordinary delays caused by the insanity of writer life!)

  2. I second that notion. I heart the Jane Madison series and have read them over and over again. Loved Capitol Magic as well and now I’m excited for new adventures!

    • ::grin:: I started outlining yesterday. Should be interesting to see how this one comes together — in some ways, it will have a very different plot than earlier Jane novels!